16g 5/16 Tempeste with CZ by Buddha Jewelry Organics

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"Tempeste" Hinge Ring with Chains from Buddha Jewelry Organics


•16g 5/16"

•14 Karat Yellow Gold with CZ gems


This is a clicker or hinge ring! To put in the ring, simply unclick the hinge, insert the jewelry into your piercing, and re-click the hinge. Keep in mind that constantly taking your jewelry in and out may weaken the hinge mechanism overtime, and that inserting this jewelry may be a bit tricky depending on the piercing, so it's best to let a reputable piercer install your jewelry for you!

Rings are sized to the individual's anatomy (like shoes or pants) so one size does not fit all! For help with sizing your piercing or jewelry, or finding a reputable piercer near you, email us!

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