Titanium Prong Opal Nipple Bars

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**This listing is for SINGLE bars only. You much purchase 2 individual bars for a pair!**

This is a threaded piece of jewelry! Both decorative beads screws on to each side of the bar. Both of the opal designs have a bit of threading (similar to a screw) that will fit into the barbell. All you have to do is screw them onto the bar! Make sure you screw the pieces together until they are flush.

Nipple jewelry is all fitted to the individual's anatomy (like shoes or pants) so while many people do wear a standard size nipple bar, one size does not fit all! For help with sizing your piercing or jewelry, email us!

*Make sure to check your jewelry as a part of your everyday routine, since jewelry is made of moving parts which must be regularly tightened and adjusted!

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