Buddha Double Box Chain

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These chains are made to fit 18g/16g jewelry only. If you would like a chain for 14g/12g jewelry, please email us! 

Chains are a great way to accent your healed piercings! They can be worn either on one piercing, or connecting two piercings. Keep in mind that you will need to already have post-style studs, or purchase a post and top to wear a chain. 

To install a chain onto a single piercing, slide one jump ring onto the post, insert the post into your piercing, then slide the other jump ring onto the post, and finally put on the decorative top!

To install a chain onto two separate piercings, insert the post into the piercing, then slide one jump ring onto the post, and put on the decorative top. Repeat the same process on the other piercing. 

Sizing and installing chains can be a bit tricky, so it's best to let a reputable piercer do this for you. For help with sizing or finding a piercer near you, please email us!

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