Cold Hearted Snake by Body Gems | Solid Gold

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**This type of jewelry is best suited for a daith piercing and is not recommended for a septum piercing**

This is a seam ring! To open or close the ring, hold the ring in front of you in both hands with your pointer fingers and thumbs. Gently bend the inserting side of the ring (the part that will sit in the piercing) towards your body, so there is just enough room to insert the jewelry. Once the ring is in the piercing, bend the ring in back to close it. Keep in mind that over-bending your jewelry can cause irreparable distortion, so it's best to let a reputable piercer install your jewelry for you!

Rings are sized to the individual's anatomy (like shoes or pants) so one size does not fit all! For help with sizing your piercing or jewelry, or finding a reputable piercer near you, email us!

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